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  • Manufacturer: Allen Bradley
  • Description: 8 chan. AB Analog Input, Voltage/Currrent
  • Weight: 2 lbs :: ≈ 1 kgs
  • Warranty: 1 Years
  • Product Revisions Available:
  • Other Available Revisions of the 1746-NI8 : A, B, C, D, E, F,

Product Manual Excerpt

The module receives and stores digitally converted analog data into its image table for retrieval by all fixed and modular SLC 500 processors. The module supports connections from any combination of up to eight voltage or current analog sensors. The 1746-NI8 is a multiclass (Class 1 or Class 3) single-slot module. Class 1 configuration utilizes 8 input words and 8 output words. Class 3 configuration utilizes 16 input words and 12 output words. Fixed and SLC 5/01 t processors can only operate as Class 1. The SLC 5/02 t , SLC 5/03 t , and SLC 5/04 t processors can be configured for either Class 1 or Class 3. The 8 high-impedance input channels can be wired as either single-ended or differential inputs. The module provides a direct interface to the following input types: • 10V dc • 1–5V dc • 0–5V dc • 0–10V dc • 0–20 mA • 4–20 mA • 20 mA • 0–1 mA The data presented to the processor can be configured as: • Engineering Units • Scaled-for-PID • Proportional Counts (–32,768 to +32,767 range) • Proportional Counts with User Defined Range (Class 3 only) • 1746-NI4 Data Format Requires use of Block T ransfer in a remote configuration. Each input channel also provides open-circuit, out-of-range, and invalid configuration indication via the LEDs. In Class 3 operation these conditions are also in the channel status word

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